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Application for: VIP Member or Committee Member for The POWER of Women Exchanging Resources

Posted by JC Plus 1, Inc. on June 1, 2012

Are you interested in becoming a complimentary VIP POWER of Women Exchanging Resources (POWER) Member? Would you like to be considered to serve on our POWER of Women Exchanging Resources (POWER) Committee with local business women just like yourself? If yes, simply review and complete the POWER Membership Application 2012

Please return your application via email, fax, or postal mail for consideration by the POWER Team to:

JC Plus 1, Inc. (Job Creation Plus 1) & POWER of Women Exchanging Resources (POWER)

200 Golden Oak Court, Suite 110, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452

Main: (757) 227-9822 E-Fax: (713) 980-1680 info@JCPlus1.com www.JCPlus1.com/power

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