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Strategic Visionary Planning-Grow YOUR Small Business…

Posted by JC Plus 1, Inc. on May 31, 2011

Important Membership Package Information: Registering for 2 FREE sessions of Strategic Visionary Planning.

We will schedule 2-30 minute sessions of uninterrupted, in-depth coaching sessions to help

you set an attainable 5-6 year out measurable, definable, and tangible vision with initiatives for your small business.

To receive your 2 personal Strategic Visionary Planning sessions as a JC Plus 1, Inc. member-

Simply email us at: info@JCPlus1.com to get started  TODAY! Please include your name and contact phone number

to help us best serve you quickly and efficiently-we will then contact you within 24 hours to set up your first session.

We are here to help you take your small business to the next level…



Have you been through our Strategic Visionary Planning Sessions? Leave your feedback and comments for us to review and share

with other small business owners around the country!

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The Power of Social Media, SEO and Email *WEBINAR*

Posted by JC Plus 1, Inc. on May 31, 2011

JC Plus 1, Inc. will be attending a FREE, online webinar in June from Constant Contact on:

The Power of Social Media, SEO and Email. They are offering several different times and dates-pick

one that will fit your busy schedule and get ready for some great tips and information to help you grow!

REMEMBER! Stop back and leave us your comments if you attend this session-we value your input

and feedback as we develop the JC Plus 1 program to fit your small business needs.

We also welcome your insight into resources and connections that a fellow business owner could use-

CONTACT us today.

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Memorial Day Update…

Posted by JC Plus 1, Inc. on May 27, 2011

Memorial Day facts, events, and recipes…

Please keep all of our active servicemen in your prayers and thoughts

this holiday weekend and be sure to show your thanks and appreciation

for these hardworking citizens and their families!

On behalf of  JC Plus 1, Inc.-THANK YOU members of our military

for helping to provide the safety and freedom that we daily take for granted

you allow us to be able to conduct our business and help small business

owners around the country safely. 

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events, recipes, holiday, families, America.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia Owner Helps Stimulate The Economy!

Posted by JC Plus 1, Inc. on May 26, 2011

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Small business owner, Kevin Daisey, President of Id Web Studios

and member of JC Plus 1, Inc. creates a new position this month.

Jennifer joins his team and will serve as the Vice President/Office Manager.

She will handle books, accounting and some project management.

Id Wed Studios is serious about making a positive difference to help grow

small business in Hampton Roads and throughout America! For more information

on the services they provide or to reach Kevin directly- Click Here! 

Have you created a new position in the last 12-18 months? If so-TELL US! info@JCPlus1.com

Help us grow our community of small business owners who are serious about helping to stabilize

and bring about economic change within the United States.

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FREE Webinar- “Getting Your Taxes Right”

Posted by JC Plus 1, Inc. on May 24, 2011

We will be attending this webinar on the 26th:


Thought we would share with all of our wonderful small business


Make sure to share and refer resources that will help other

members of our group accelerate their small businesses…

to contribute: info@JCPlus1.com

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Hot Off The Press…

Posted by JC Plus 1, Inc. on May 19, 2011

Hot off the press…Get your Premiere Edition-Summer 2011-copy

of the JC Plus 1 Newsletter TODAY!

GREAT way to stay in touch with fellow small business owners, get

amazing business building tips, and accelerate your growth.

To request YOUR personal copy and sign up for future

editions: info@JCPlus1.com

Can’t wait to get this into your hands…


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Success in Houston!

Posted by JC Plus 1, Inc. on May 17, 2011


Last week we attended the NEC in Houston, Texas-a yearly conference for

financial advisors. This year-we were excited to be surrounded by over 300

attendees from across the country!

In addition to our informational booth, we also had the opportunity to share

about our organization during a 50 minute breakout session.

The small business owners that we met were excited and eager to apply for membership with

us. This week we will be approving 14 new members from various states into our exclusive membership.

17 current members also renewed during the conference for another year of membership!

During the next several weeks, we will be working closely with our new members to develop events

and incorporate their efforts to help build synergy for everyone involved.



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